SIF Infrastructure Specification 3.5


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The SIF Infrastructure is a well-defined REST API designed to deliver maximum flexibility and advanced capabilities. Maintaining interoperable designs every-step-of-the-way allows you to start small and grow without boundaries!  From simple direct solutions to fully brokered ecosystems the API is highly consistent especially for Service Consumers.  Adoption has shown that the most popular ecosystem design is currently the Data Hub, which includes an operational data store in the middle to seamlessly service requests and better support multiple standards.

This version provides the marketplace with several benefits:

SIF Infrastructure Specification 3.5 documentation

The Standardized Infrastructure can carry any Data Model ‘On The Wire’

The globally used SIF Infrastructure defines the transport and messaging functionality over the “wire” where payloads are securely exchanged—no matter the payload/data model.

The standardized Infrastructure has been third-party ‘load tested’ and results show ‘data bottlenecks’ are not being seen. Without over-stressing a performance load test, over 200 million data messages were sent in an hour which is 286 times increase in throughput performance compared with previous models!

Privacy and the SIF Infrastucture

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has changed the privacy landscape and the Global SIF Infrastructure has risen to the challenge by including a Privacy Obligation Document (POD) service.  These PODs describe: laws, contract clauses, obligations, benchmarks, retainment rules, and key contacts.  The Global SIF Infrastructure makes GDPR compliance affirmable with every exchange and key parts of it enforceable through our Data Protection Enforcer Service model.

To find additional information about the Privacy Obligation Document (POD) and the Global Education Privacy Standard (GEPS) currently being developed by the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), please click here >>