SIF Infrastructure Specification 3.4


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This release of the SIF Infrastructure Specification 3.4 takes on a different form from previous releases, and introduces a list of the technical “advances” in the new release ranging from better API documentation, OpenAPI files, as well as inclusion of additional data controls for messaging and privacy.  All of these additions are design to support the adoption and implementation by advanced districts and marketplace providers. 

While the SIF Infrastructure Specification (Global) 3.4 release leverages the real strength of SIF, a decoupled infrastructure working with locale specific data models, it is a true International release.  Our global Community leverages the strengths across the various local Communities to bring out the “best of the best” solutions.

SIF Infrastructure Specification 3.4 documentation

Privacy and the SIF Infrastructure

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has changed the privacy landscape and the Global SIF Infrastructure has risen to the challenge by including a Privacy Obligation Document (POD) service.  These PODs describe: laws, contract clauses, obligations, benchmarks, retainment rules, and key contacts.  The Global SIF Infrastructure makes GDPR compliance affirmable with every exchange and key parts of it enforceable through our Data Protection Enforcer Service model.

To find additional information about the Privacy Obligation Document (POD) and the Global Education Privacy Standard (GEPS) currently being developed by the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), please click here >>