SIF Certification Registry

Below you will find a full list of all products currently available within the educational marketplace that have been SIF Certified.  SIF Certification provides a level of quality assurance for both the school/district/end user and the vendor that the product has been tested and conforms to the stated product standard. 

Any product listed on external sources as ‘SIF-Compliant’ does not indicate the same level of quality assurance and testing and cannot be guaranteed to provide the correct/required level of interoperability.

SIF 2 Enabled Application

Spec VersionProduct NameAgent NameOrganizationProduct CategoryFirst CertifiedRenewal DateConformance Statement Questionaire (CSQ)
2.7Aspen Student Information SystemAspen SIF® Agent 5.1 or laterFollett School SolutionsData Model (NA)2014-12-092023-06-05CSQ | Report
2.7iPASSiPASS SIF® 2.7Information Marketing GroupData Model (NA)2015-07-232023-07-23CSQ | Report
2.7PowerSchool SIS 9.x and abovePowerSchool SIF® AgentPowerSchoolData Model (NA)2008-07-232023-12-04CSQ | Report
2.7Administrator's Plus 6.xRediker SIF® Agent for Administrator's Plus 3.4.xRediker Software, Inc.Data Model (NA)2015-02-262024-02-26CSQ | Report
2.4Infinite Campus version 1949 and upInfinite CampusData Model (NA)2020-03-032023-06-05CSQ | Report
2.0r1SchoolInsight v112 and aboveCommon Goal Systems, Inc.Data Model (NA)2011-07-072023-07-07CSQ | Report
2.0r1Synergy 2020 and aboveSIF® Agent for Edupoint Powered by the CPSI Universal Agent 2.0Edupoint Educational Systems, LLCData Model (NA)2009-06-092023-06-09CSQ | Report
2.0r1Destiny Resource Manager 8.5 and aboveEdustructures SIF® Agent for Destiny 2.1Follett School SolutionsData Model (NA)2008-07-282023-07-28CSQ | Report
2.0r1Wen-GAGE i-Student Information System 1.xWen-GAGE i-SIS SIF® Agent 1.xMunicipal Accounting Systems, Inc.Data Model (NA)2010-07-282023-07-28CSQ | Report
2.0r1eSchoolPLUS Agent 2.x for eSchoolPLUS 2.xPowerSchool Group, LLCData Model (NA)2008-08-012023-08-01CSQ | Report
2.0r1PCG Education EdPlan 9.8 and AboveZIAgent 7.0.4 and AbovePublic Consulting Group, Inc.Data Model (NA)2011-06-282023-06-28CSQ | Report

SIF 3 Enabled Application

Spec versionProduct NameAgent NameOrganizationProduct CategoryFirst CertifiedRenewal DateConformance Statement Questionnaire (CSQ)
3.0.1HostedZoneCedarLabs Infrastructure2015-02-062024-02-06CSQ | Report