Project Teams


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Global Project Teams

Data Model, Mapping & Migration (D3M)

The primary mission of the Data Model, Migration, & Mapping (D3M) Project Team is to design and document a SIF data model mapping that:

Call Schedule: 4th Monday, monthly

Data Privacy

This Project Team will concentrate on end user (District and State) issues relating to student data privacy.

Call Schedule:  2nd Tuesday, monthly

**This group is currently on hold**


The international SIF Infrastructure Team will: Define, enhance and maintain the international infrastructure framework of the SIF Association/A4L Community; Document this framework in a separate volume of the SIF Specification that can be reused directly by all locales in the SIF releases they issue; Work with the local Technical Boards to evangelize and support the infrastructure framework to ensure it is accepted and leveraged effectively; Where applicable, foster a continuing dialog with other industrial standards organizations to facilitate harmonization at the infrastructure; Leverage new middleware technologies to allow the effective, reliable, and secure exchange of information over open networks in a platform-neutral manner; and Ensure the investments of existing SIF adopters by minimizing the effects of any breaking changes to the infrastructure framework.

Call Schedule:  Every 2 weeks, Wednesday 

International Technical Board

The International Technical Board (ITB) is responsible for defining, maintaining, supporting and extending the framework technologies (including the infrastructure and global data model) for reuse and incorporation into the SIF Implementation Specifications produced by the various locales (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States).

Call Schedule:  Every 4 weeks, Thursday

Group page:  (elected members only)

Open Source Developers Network (OSDN)

The mission of the Open-Source Developers network is to: align resources amongst SIF adopters reducing effort; ensure an open-source structure that helps developers find resources based on their locale.; curate projects, such that the best are identified and promoted; promote co-operation amongst members and non-members; and make available resources to complete projects that benefit the contributor.

Call Schedule:  Every 2 weeks, Thursday

Australian Project Teams

AU Management Board (SIFAAMB)

The purpose of the A4L Community AU Management Board (SIFAAMB) is to manage and promote the A4L Community AU on behalf of both the National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP) Steering Group and the international A4L Community.

Call Schedule:  Quarterly

Group page: (elected members only)

AU Technical Board (DSWG)

The purpose of the AU Data Standards Working Group (DSWG) is to provide advice to the AU Management Board (SIFAAMB) on the continued development of the SIF Implementation Specification (Australia).

Call Schedule:  Last Wednesday, monthly

Group page: (elected members only)

North American Project Teams

NA Management Board

The Local Management Board has the responsibility of directing and overseeing the local activities of the Corporation.  The Local Management Board shall approve projects and programs for the benefit of the A4L Community U.S. Participants.

Call Schedule:  4th Monday, monthly

Group page: (elected members only)

NA Technical Board

The US Technical Board is responsible for defining, maintaining and modifying the SIF Implementation Specification (United States) to ensure that it meets the needs of the US education sector. 

Call Schedule:  2nd & 4th Thursday, every month

Group page: (elected members only)

CEDS Alignment

This group is open to all North American Community members to assist with ensuring the NA SIF Data Model Specifications (specifically Unity Specification) are fully aligned with CEDS.

Call Schedule:  1st & 3rd Thursday, every month

Unity Adoption

This Project Team will focus on key areas including Unity Data Model, Unity Infrastructure, Technical Handbook, Implementation Considerations, Java, .Net, Use Cases, even Quality Control and Marketing options. 

Call Schedule:  1st & 3rd Tuesday, every month

State Requests

The mission of this project team is to identify and close the gaps between data standards and the Unity Specification, as well as update the Unity Specification to best reflect the needs of states. 

Call Schedule:  Every 2 weeks, Mondays